Links in a Chain - the Mayors of Bolton
Links in a Chain - The Mayors of Bolton
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Henry Carter

Chairman of Horwich Urban District Council: 1921-22, 1933-34 (Conservative)

Born: Brampton, Huntingdonshire c 1858

Died: The Cottage, Bottom o'th' Moor, Horwich 17 May 1942

Educated: Leicester

Antiques dealer - earlier traded as a grocer and draper.

He came to Horwich in 1891 and represented East Ward for 11 years as an Independent Conservative.

He was Chairman of the Water Committee, was an authority on the Council's waterworks undertakings and did a lot of work to ensure Horwich had a steady supply of good quality water. One of his achievements was the erection of Tup Row Pumping Station.

He also played a big part in the acquisition of burial grounds in Horwich which resulted in the purchase of Ridgmont Public Cemetery and Park (first interment 5 March 1928).

He was a member of the Fall Birch Hospital Committee until 1930 and of the Governing Body of Rivington and Blackrod Grammar School. He was also a member of the Lancashire and Cheshire Whitley Council relating to waterworks undertakings.

His main hobby was to paint in water colours and oils.

Congregationalist - he was described as a singer of no mean ability, being a former member of St Catherine's and New Chapel Congregational Church choirs.

His obituary in the Horwich and Westhoughton Journal described him "as the most public figure in Horwich without a doubt."  This was because of  his unfailing devotion to his top hat and frock coat which he used to wear day in and day out and when he travelled to his business in Manchester.



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