Links in a Chain - the Mayors of Bolton
Links in a Chain - The Mayors of Bolton
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Kearsley 1865-1974


The township or civil parish of Kearsley (or Kersley) was in the ancient parish of Deane and was also part of the Bolton Poor Law Union.

Kearsley Local Board of Health 1865-1895

A Local Board of Health for the township of Kearsley was set up on 30 October 1865 at a meeting held in the Black Horse Inn.

Kearsley Urban District 1895-1974

Kearsley Urban District Council was created in 1894.

The Urban District was extended in 1933 to include parts of Clifton (parish of Eccles) and the Ringley district of Outwood (parish of Prestwich).

The Chairman's Chain of Office was presented to the Council by the Town Clerk, Mr H Martin on his retirement in 1938 and was first worn by Richard Matthews.


Click for larger image Badge presented to Past Chairman of Kearsley District Council.

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Click for larger image Brooch presented to Past Chairman's Lady of Kearsley Urban District Council.

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Bolton Metropolitan Borough 1974-

The whole of Kearsley Urban District Council became part of Bolton Metropolitan Borough in 1974.



Chairmen of Kearsley 1865-1974

Chairmen of Kearsley Local Board

1865   Harrison Blair 1866   Harrison Blair 1867   Harrison Blair 1868   James Fletcher Snr 1869   Samuel Gee 1870   Edward Pilkington 1871   Joseph Grimshaw 1872   John Lever 1873   John Lever 1874   John Lever 1875   John Lever 1876   John Lever 1877   James Fletcher Snr 1878   James Fletcher Snr 1879   James Fletcher Snr 1880   James Fletcher Snr 1881   Edward Pilkington 1882   John William Watkinson1883   John William Watkinson1884   John William Watkinson

Chairmen of Kearsley Urban District

1895   James Fletcher Jnr 1896   James Fletcher Jnr 1897   James Fletcher Jnr 1898   James Fletcher Jnr 1899   James Fletcher Jnr 1900   Joseph Openshaw 1901   Joseph Openshaw 1902   Joseph Openshaw 1903   Joseph Openshaw 1904   Joseph Openshaw 1905   Francis Shippobottom 1906   Francis Shippobottom 1907   Francis Shippobottom 1908   Francis Shippobottom 1909   Francis Shippobottom 1910   Francis Shippobottom 1911   Francis Shippobottom 1912   Francis Shippobottom 1913   Stanley Pickering 1914   Stanley Pickering 1915   Robert Lucas 1916   Robert Lucas 1917   James Howard 1918   James Howard 1919   Edward Gittins 1920   Edward Gittins 1921   James Barrett 1922   Charles Frederick Howard 1923   Charles Frederick Howard 1924   Charles Frederick Howard 1925   Charles Frederick Howard 1926   Nathan Wardle 1927   Nathan Wardle 1928   John Shepherd 1929   John Shepherd 1930   Tom Young Martin 1931   Samuel Street 1932   Arthur Munroe Holden 1933   Walter Holehouse 1934   Randolph Churchill Smith 1935   Annie M Hogg 1936   Albert Plant 1937   Richard Matthews 1938   James Ernest Robey 1939   John Cranshaw 1940   Joseph Harold Brooks 1941   Sydney John Morgan 1942   John Martin 1943   Samuel Street 1944   Raymond Tyldsley 1945   Horace Barrett 1946   Ernest Howard 1947   Walter Holehouse 1948   Richard Matthews 1949   Annie M Hogg 1950   William Taylor 1951   John Martin 1952   James Eckersley 1953   Ernest Howard 1954   Ronald Crowther 1955   Walter Holehouse 1956   Tom Fielding 1957   Joe Hollinshead 1958   Betsy Ellen Taylor 1959   William Taylor 1960   Samuel Alfred Chaloner 1961   Alexander Ward 1962   John Martin 1963   Joseph Walker 1964   Thomas Ainsworth Pilkington 1965   Noel Alfred Tatlock 1966   Thomas Cooper 1967   John Rothwell 1968   Alan Thomas Nowell 1969   William Arthur Robinson 1970   Ernest George Bell 1971   Margaret Patricia Rothwell 1972   Raymond Cornthwaite 1973   Joseph Walker


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